May 17, 2013

Certified Facebook Hotties

Certified Hottie No.1:

Description: Petite and Cuttie Young Stripper
Age: 21
Location: Manila
Contact Details: Jakolan Nat'l Highschool

Certified Hottie No. 2

Description: Tall, Handsome, Bad Boy looking Stunner with a great real estate value.
Likes: Kissing and Romancing
Motto: Try Mine and You Will Never Leave me
Contact Details: Yummy In Bed

Certified Hottie No. 3

Description: Yummy and Handsome Boy who has the confidence
Age: 25
Location: General Santos City
Contact Details: Josh Ko Po

Certified Hottie No. 4

Description: Handsome, Stunner and Athletic Hottie with oozing sex appeal
Likes: Gym, Party, Movie House
Contact Details: Kyle Sarap

Certified Hottie No. 5

Description: Cute at Bad boy looking pero simply irresistible ang dating.
Age: 24
Location: Manila
Contact Details: Jay Kyut

Certified Hottie No. 6

Description: Fresh and Cuttie Bikini Hunk and Model
Location: Valenzuela City
Likes: Paramore Band / Rock Music
Contact Details: Jhay-AR

Click the photo or contact details to find out more about these Certified Facebook Controversial Netizens. Add them on your friend's list, follow them or get even more up-close and personal with them through Private message. This can be your lucky day, who knows? More List of Hunky Hotties to be posted soon. Even if you are covered up, topless, shirtless, half-naked, in sexy underwear or nude, controversial man o hindi, always remember, Pag Hot ka, Sikat Ka. Pagnakakagigil ka, You are a CERTIFIED FACEBOOK HOTTIES. Visit the other posts of this Blog to find more about the site.

May 16, 2013

Adam Levine of Maroon 5 Gets Naked

Adam Noah Levine (his full name) or simply Adam Levine gets naked to raise awareness about Testicular Cancer for the February 2011 Cosmopolitan UK Magazine to encourage men to regularly get checked for testicular and prostate cancer. In case you were wondering who the lucky hand model is in the photos above, it's reportedly his girlfriend, model Anne Vyalitsyna. Born on 1979 in Los Angeles, California, Adam Levine is the Grammy Award-winning lead singer of the band Maroon 5, whose success includes several chart-topping hits and gold and platinum albums. In 2011, he branched out to television as a judge/coach on the reality singing show The Voice. In 2012, Maroon 5 returned to the charts with its fourth studio album, Overexposed, featuring hits like "One More Night" and "Payphone." In 2013, Levine entered his fourth season on The Voice, appearing alongside Blake Shelton as well as newcomers Shakira and Usher, who replaced former stars of the show Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green. Outside of singing and appearing on TV, Adam Levine has devoted his time to the advancement of various causes, including awareness for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, testicular cancer (for which he posed nude for Cosmopolitan magazine) and gay rights. Do you wanna see the behind the scenes of his sexy photo shoot, check it here; Naked Adam.

May 15, 2013

Kita ang Jonjon ni Jon

This must be Jon Avila. Who can forget him? His video scandal was already all over the internet. I am a die hard fan of this Young Hot Hunk Model. Though, we lose track over him lately, disappearing in TV  and commercial scenes, Jon Avila remains a dream guy who can fulfill every girl's fantasy for pleasure. One word to describe Jon for me, he is simply "delightful". Tell me what do you think of his scandal video; Jon Avila Scandal. Click the photos to see more of his nude shots.

Love or Lust?

Guys, Girls and Gays out there. How can you tell whether it's love or lust that you feel? Here are a few tips to help you sort things out.

It's lust if:

You're totally focused on the looks and body 
Even before you know the name, you're already fantasizing about what the looks like naked and what it would be like to have sex with this person.

You don't care about anything this person has to say
It wouldn't make a difference to you if you never had a conversation. You don't bother to return calls promptly and you can easily go for days without talking to this until you get horny again.

You only want to be with this person to have sex
You make excuses not to spend time, except for sex. And if  this person asks you for a favor, you tell you're too busy. If  you have to be with this person and not have sex, you find yourself fantasizing about someone else.

 Just for booty call
After you go out trolling for tail with your buddies on Friday night, you then call at 1 a.m. for some drunken action. Ah, the booty call.

You leave after sex
After having sex, you look for the easiest way to leave. No cuddling, no breakfast the next morning, just say"I gotta go."

It's love if:

You have great chemistry
You get lost in your conversations, and the hours pass like minutes. You're more than willing to listen when this person talks about his/her day. The chemistry between you is remarkable.

You find this person wonderful or beautiful
Even if you catch this person with no get up on while sweats are all over the face, he/she still looks wonderful or beautiful to you.

You want to spend time
All you want to do is to be with this person, whether you're having sex or not. Even if he/she tells you that sex will have to wait, you don't care at all. 

You see a future together
You experience the strange feeling that your life would be totally empty without this person. You tell your friends and family that he/she may be the One, and you're even thinking about marrying him/her.

You introduce this person to your family
It becomes very important to you that your parents like this person, and gets along with everyone close to you. 

May 14, 2013

Tamang Subo

I have made some researches about Blow Job o tamang pagsubo. I was surprised, marami pa pala akong dapat matutunan. This Blow Job Tips might help you more to keep your partner's satisfaction. The photos can give you an idea on how to perform them. Sa mga marunong na o sa mga gusto pang matuto, here's how;


Get the low down. Men loves oral sex, and doing down under is heaven for them, period. Mas masarap daw gawin ang hindi inaasahan. Kissing, sucking and licking sa baba ng penis ay parang pagbibigay ng idea na may mas sasarap pa kaysa sa inakalang masarap na. Pero depende din naman ito sa lalake. Meron kasing iba na gusto nito at yung iba ay ayaw kasi masyadong nakakakiliti sa pakiramdam.
Maintain a little eye contact. Alam na alam nyo na ito. But there is more than a glance can do, it will hold his gaze every once in a while. Ipakita mong nageenjoy ka at nasasarapan sa pagsubo, Just give him that Devilish gleam in the eye and his totally in heaven.
Lend a helping hand. The fact that the average penis is 5 to six inches while the average mouth is only two to three inches, you do the math. Pag di kaya ng bibig lang, give some hands-on action to pick up the slack. Feel free to mix and match, hawakan ang penis sa baba ng bibig and move them in tandem. This way, para na ring sinusubo mo lahat at wala kang tinitirang space.

Know the Science of suction. Ever wonder why they’re called blow jobs when you’re actually doing the exact opposite — sucking? Simple lang ang idea ng sucking, Moving your tongue backward para makagawa ng vacuum sa loob ng bibig. The technique can only be done at the first one and a half inch of the penis, at nakakagawa ito ng kakaibang sensual effect. The more you suck, the more he loves it.

Prep the area so its palatable. There are reasons why not like to give oral sex. That doesn't mean who just sit down there and suffer. If you prefer your partner to shave, tell him to do it or offer to let you do it for him. Mas enjoy ang blow job kung gusto mo at comfortable ka sa ginagawa mo. If you're worried about your gag reflex, you can prevent it by making sure you are in control of the motion. Depende na rin sayo kung iinumin mo ang tamod o hindi. It's all depends on you.

The backstroke. Here's one thing you probably haven't considered, using the underside of your tongue. Ang karaniwang blow job ay simpleng pagsubo lang gamit ang upper portion ng dila. Why not try doing this technique. The super sensitive spot is located below the head of the penis, in the center of the underside of the coronal ridge. Here's how to do this technique, Hawakan ang base ng penis, idampi ang ilalim na bahagi ng dila sa target spot at start swiping it from side to side gaya ng isang windshield wiper. Doing the movement in his sensitive spot alone, can make a big difference. 

The Ice Cream Cone Technique. Simply run your tongue to his joystick from base to tip. Gawin ito ng paulit ulit hanggang lahat ng bahagi ay madilaan. Parang ice cream lang, mas masarap at mas nakakaexcite.

The rhythm method. Giving a blow job would be a little boring if doing the blow at a constant speed. Keep him intense and anticipating by trying this technique. Lagyan lang ng variation ang speed ng pagsubo. Going in and out, magsimula sa limang mabagal na blow tapoz apat na mabilis tapoz tatlong mabagal and so on. Tandaan na ang variation at anticipation ay dalawa sa kailangan para sa mas epektibong oral sex. Got the idea, why not try doing it now?

Upside-down Oral Sex. To do this, simply lie on your back on the bed or couch and lean your head off the edge. Meanwhile, he stands and inserts his penis in your mouth, then he moves it in and out while you remain still. So simple isn't it? Take a control of his motion by holding his butt, so you won't worry about your gag reflex. This position also helps him to delve deep inside your mouth because of the straight path of your mouth to throat. For sure, mas enjoy at mas exciting sa kanya ang panoorin ka habang subo-subo ang ari nya. It feels Amazing! Making as many positions as you can would be a perfect blow job experience.

Don't ever forget that Blow job is an exciting thing to do. Just be playful and resourceful. Add some spice to it by doing Oral sex on the Rocks. You can try putting an ice cube in your mouth to give occasional flashes of chilliness. Or give a flavor of menthol, try mint-in-mouth trick. Taking the sensation to the next level. Another trick that men loves about oral sex is the Wind in the Willows. This is done by taking a break in every warm and wet routine, puck your lips at the tip of the penis creating a blow. This will give shivers that will blow him away. Another trick called The Pearly Gates which is very seldom perform because this technique is using teeth to create sensation. Tilting your head sideways and running the front teeth up and down of the penis. Sounds sketchy? Just avoid the sharp, pointed edges that can scrape the skin. Take note that Blow job is giving pleasure and not pain. Tug of Love can also be a trick your man will love. Nibble your way up the side of his penis as if it were corn on the cob, taking the skin lightly between your lips or teeth and tugging gently. And of course, The big W. This trick is done on scrotum. Starting with your tongue at the top left-hand corner, trace a path down along the side and, once you reach the bottom, do a U-turn and swoop up the middle seam between his testicles. Then backtrack down the seam, around the bottom, and up the right side. Essentially, you’ll be tracing a large W, which, in his mind, can stand for only one thing: “Wow!”. Find out more about the tricks of Blow Job by following this link; Oral Sex Tips. Credits to Corbin Fisher Site for the copyrighted materials use in this post. Visit the site now by following this link; Corbin Fisher.

May 8, 2013

Ang Tamang Pagdukot

Dukot, (v.) 1. to draw from a pocket, bag or a container with a hand. 2. to pull up. 3. a drawing out. 

Hindi lahat ng mandurukot sa kulungan ang bagsak. Ang iba, sa langit ang punta. Sa hirap ng buhay napapasubo sa pangdurukot para kumita. Ang iba naman, sumusubo para kumita. Lahat ng mandurukot, nagiging masaya pero yung iba nagtitiis din sa hapdi kung minsan. Lahat ayaw sa mandurukot, depende din sa dinudukot. Lahat ng mandurukot, ayaw sa maliit na nadudukot. Mas malaki, mas masaya. Kadalasang nangyayari, dukot sabay takbo at minsan naman, dukot sabay subo. Ang mga mandurukot takot sa pulis, yung iba takot sa matulis. Hindi sa lahat ng pagkakataon, ang nadudukutan ang kawawa, minsan ang mandurukot din naman. Hindi lahat ng nadudukutan, pinanghihinaan. Yung iba, tinitigasan. Hindi din lahat napapasigaw ng saklolo, yung iba napapasigaw sa sarap. Eh ikaw, gusto mo ba madukutan?

The Author of the post would like to thank Diversidad Brutal for the copyrighted materials used in the post. Visit the page for more photos.

May 7, 2013

Looking Young????

He looks familiar. Is this Slater Young? or just a look-alike? Whoever he is, I just love staring on his pole and wanna go pole dancing (Lol). I got this photo from unknown source and could not help but stares on it. If he is really Slater Young, My gosh! He is one fucking yummy super hot hunky delicious buddy. I love his cock, the shape, the size, the tall, and the color. Just enough for a perfect fuck! All this time, this man remains my fantasy and forever will be.


Sino ba ang makakalimot kay Jay Roncesvalles of XB Gensan. They made a history in Showtime (an ABS-CBN noontime Variety show) when they won the Grand Prize of Showtime 1st Grand Final Competition. I have actually met this guy in a mall somewhere in General Santos City. He was with his wife and their kid."Gosh, Masarap siya, payat at malakas ang sex appeal." Well, maganda din naman yung wife nya. XB Gensan made it and I am a fan even before when they are still starting to compete in Showtime. Their lives have been changed when they have a permanent career as dancers in the noontime show. The story behind XB Gensan's success is not new to us. Its a  story of every Filipino about dreaming and hoping for a change. They came from nothing and have to go through the hardships of life. Some of my friends in General Santos really testify about the group's humble beginning. Now, more than having a good life, they have their dancing career, the fame and popularity. 

Jay and the company are looking so different now. I mean physically they are more pleasant to look at. Notice Jay and his bulge in the picture. What do you think? (Lol) This photo is worth sharing to inspire but more than his inspiring story, its the pleasure that can give you just by staring him and imagining what's behind the humpy dumpy on his skirt shorts. Hmmmmm......... You'll love it for sure. If Jay is a food and there is a taste testing, will you fall in line to taste him? For sure, maraming magkakatulakan sa paguunahan (Lol). What do you think about Jay? See more of him by clicking this link; Boy Angas  Drop your comments.

Mahilig Sa Sex

Ano sa tingin niyo sa lalakeng nagpopose ng kanilang ari sa isang Networking Site? Turn on or turn off. Pero ang sarap ng titi niya. Nakakagigil! He is one of my friends on Facebook. He is one of my crushes actually. You want to find out if who is behind the photo? I'll give you the link of his account on Facebook later. Using networking sites also entitles one to be responsible when posting and sharing because the public are the audience. Hindi naman masama ang magshare, lalo na kung ganito kasarap. See more of him by clicking this link; Boy Malibog Comment and share.

Makuha sa Tingin

Yummy, Hot, Fresh, Cute. The guy is Yohan Ken Guarino from Davao City, born on July 8, 1991. He brought home the bacon as the Title Winner last April 13, during the 3rd Mr. and Ms. Mahin Bodies 2013 held at Glan, Sarangani Province. You'll surely fall for him just by his smile and tempting looks in the eyes. What's more about this young stunner, he has the personality that everybody would love. His body and his charm in addition make him stood out among the candidates. A lover, a friend or a fling, whatever you want him to be, he is just hot. Would you believe that this cuttie cud is still single? That's right. Upon checking his Facebook account, and if it is true, you girls there still have the chance. There are so much more to discover about Yohan. He is the kind of guy who can be anyone's favorite especially the gays and matronas. Having a good look and a deliciously oozing sex appeal are apparently a must in the present to gain public attention. Physically attractive qualities are important to get noticed easily and Personality is only a second priority. The prettier or handsome you are, the lesser you experience rejection. That's Absolutely true. In the topic regarding discreet relationship, it cant be quite far to happen to Yohan. This is not new for a bikini hunk especially that body are their assets. But why is it that there some men who enters into discreet relationship? Does it has something to do about their Sexual identity or Orientation? I will make another post regarding discreet relationship among men, gays, and lesbians for our discussion and forum. If you want to see more of Yohan, click this link; Choi Rugby Boy